Looking For New Voice Actors!

By | June 14, 2014

I’d like to start doing more animations that are dubbed, but I’ll need more voice actors and actresses than I have now. I’ll give a free subscription to anyone who I accept (this also applies to people who already subscribe). Please send samples of your voice to TheSapphireFoxx@gmail.com

If you don’t know what to say, try using some lines from Spawnfan’s ‘The Date’ comic. Remember, I’m looking for men and women, and it would be great if I could find a few people who could do something in-between.

PLEASE NOTE that any audio of poor quality can’t be used at all. Here are some basic tips:

  • Avoid too much background noise such as computer fans, TVs, or traffic.
  • Don’t record somewhere that echos.
  • Really cheap mics are obviously not good.
  • Use a pop filter, or at least turn your head so you don’t blow onto the mic.

Thank you, and I hope to find some good voice actors and actresses to add to upcoming animations. 🙂

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